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Genny Nielson has over 15years of experience in owning and running award winning restaurants and a property company and has now established her own business consultancy company 5th Sense. The idea behind the name has a two fold meaning, the 5th sense in the food world refers to the sense of taste, after bitter, salty, sour and sweet, or as the japanese call it, umami. The second meaning refers to that described in the classical world which recognised there were four elements in the material world, earth, water, fire and air and a fifth, being beyond that world or the ether, an intangible element. 

5th Sense blog is a place for Genny to share experiences about food and beyond….A discovery of the “quintessence” of life or the 5thsense.

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  1. Heartiest Congratulations Genny! We can’t wait ….new beginnings, and Fifth Sense. Fabulous! Alana, Howard and Jordan

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