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What is a Car Broker? A question up until very recently I would only have had a vague answer to until I had the opportunity to consult on the branding for a car brokering business called Red Plum Automotive. What I discovered was that buying a new car should be one of life’s pleasures like dining at your favourite restaurant where your waiter warmly welcomes you back and you know your drink of choice is on it’s way!

RPA has a philosophy not dissimilar to a good restaurant where it is about the experience and the customer. Here’s the thing….If you need a new car & value the service experience but you also want the best price on your new car and lets face it who doesn’t, then I invite you to take a look at this unique car brokering business and discover the world of Red Plum Automotive as I have.

How It Works – The 5 Steps to Stress Free Car Buying

– Research & Test Drive, use the internet, read magazines, talk to friends & family. RPA can even help you get clear if you are time poor.

– Contact RPA & Save, through a nationwide tender process RPA negotiate the best price to find you THE car. No need to negotiate with over zealous salespeople.

– Get Finance, the RPA Business Manager can organise finance, car care protection & extras if required.

– RPA Orders on your behalf, You Relax, knowing the detail is being taken care of for you.

– Take Delivery, RPA co-ordinates this for you right up to delivery and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Red Plum Automotive

  1. IWe bought a car through Red plum automotive and we could not have been more impressed with their service and instant reply on any of our queries . Chris lee looked after every detail we would recommend him to anyone. Denise and ken wilding

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