New beginnings…

 cherry blossom

The old wise saying of “as one door closes another opens” could not be truer from where I stand. Much has taken place in my world as well as in the world of restaurants. I am soon launching my own business called 5thsense. To stay in touch with my new direction sign up to my blog and all things social will be launching soon…

Since closing the doors of Bretts Wharf Restaurant eight months ago and my departure from my other restaurant Tank Restaurant and Bar there has been a new Good Food Guide 2013 launched, congratulations to Natascha Mirosh for the go-to-foodie-guide of all guides and congratulations to my old team at Tank for receiving another coveted one hat. There has been a new Top 50 Restaurants in the world named and there have been so many new and exciting openings of fabulous cafes, bars, pop-ups, trucks and glam restaurants I find myself wanting more hours in every day to get there and try them.

Closing a large Restaurant business and leaving another certainly had it’s challenges but it also meant I could reassess priorities and balance. Add a little soul searching and  a new direction took shape, away from the day to day running of restaurants to sharing my knowledge & passion not only for food and hospitality but beyond. I have come to discover that for me helping is my path & now with many years of “experience” to refer back to, my next journey is about sharing and helping businesses understand where gaps are in their strategy & the elusive x factor that is needed  to create long term competitive advantages; help build better businesses from startups to industry icons.

I will also be blogging about food, people, travel & lifestyle along the way. New beginnings, I would love to share the journey.


16 thoughts on “New beginnings…

  1. Congratulations Gen! I am teaching yoga privately. My life like your’s has taken exciting turns.

    Love Cate

    • Cate thank you and yes doesn’t life take some interesting turns, congratulations on your yoga, i would love to hear more and now I have your details I will be in contact.

  2. Hi Jenny – I wish you all the best. I am also blogging about Hotels, Events etc. Love it if you followed me also! http//



  3. With your usual style – this has been done beautifully. Congratulations on this new and exciting chapter in your professional life.

  4. Thanks for the update Genny.
    Sue and I look forward to continuing the journey with you.
    She is still having issues with the aftermath of Breast Cancer treatment, but still has a great outlook on life!!!
    Cheers Tony Hall (ABH)

    • Tony thank you for your gorgeous reply, sorry to hear Sue is still having to jump a few hurdles but her outlook is what will get you both through this, if anyone can get through this you guys can. Take care. Genny x

  5. We were very sad that Brett’s Wharf closed, had dinner there the night we decided to migrate to Australia before flying back to Hong Kong, back in 2004. We eventually bought a B & B called Zengarra Country House out at Lake Moogerah and on the rare times we could make the trip to Brisbane we always ate at Bretts. We will wait developments

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